The Naguru Remand Home Story by Julius Tubirinde

A month ago, we embarked on our journey to Naguru remand home for our externship, we had an opportunity to talk to the children on legal matters and I was struck by the diversity of backgrounds within the home as each child had a unique story of struggle and hardship, which had led them to this place of temporary confinement. It became clear to me that these children were not lost causes but rather victims of circumstances, deserving of a second chance. Some of them weren’t even certain of the offences they are accused of, others didn’t have any knowledge as regards matters of juvenile justice among which included, bail applications, plea bargain processes and how to be treated in court. It was fulfilling seeing the children happy every time we got a chance to speak to them, this was even much evident during the execution of our project which was a debate among themselves as it was wholly embraced by the juveniles. 

I must say and acknowledge that the externship at Naguru Remand Home was not only a learning experience but also a transformative experience that instilled in us a profound sense of purpose. I will forever carry the memories of the resilient children and their unwavering spirit of hope, reminding me of the power we possess to bring about positive change in the lives of those who need it most.