SoL Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of the Schoool of Law Makerere University was started in 1993 under the deanship of associate Professor Fredrick Jjuuko. The association was created to mantain vital links between the School of Law and its alumni. While the Association has been inactive for a number of years, the leadership at the School of Law seeks to revive this very important Association.

The revival of the Association is aimed at mainly building or renewing strategic partnerships within its members, as well as sharing information and fostering conversations about the developments in law, legal practice, reform as well as advocacy. The Alumni will also find the Association vital space to engage in various co-curricular activities.

Through the Association, the Alumni will participate in various activities:-
    Compiling of a registry of alumni and their current portfolios.
    Sharing expertise as guest lecturers at the School of Law.
    Social Activities.
    Counseling, mentoring and coaching of current students.
    Financial support towards the improvement of infrastructure at the School of Law.

We count on you as our ambassadors out there as we build for the future, that’s why we would like you to fill this form, click on link…..