The  6th National Conference on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights will be held on  25th &   26th September 2019 at Makerere University main campus, Kampala.

Theme: Access to Justice and Enhancing Realisation of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

The aim of the Conference is to take stock of access to justice policies, laws and mechanisms and how these were impacting on access to justice for victims of ESCRs violations and abuses. The Conference will discuss the different mechanisms and remedies available to victims and how effective and efficient these are. This will cover both formal and informal mechanisms, as well as judicial and quasi-judicial systems, in addition to administrative mechanisms. 

The specific objectives of the Conference are: 
i)    To examine the relationship between access to justice and ESCRs and the international standards that govern this area of human rights law; 
ii)   To take stock of the access to justice mechanisms available for victims of ESCRs violations and abuses;
iii)  To examine the extent to which justice needs of victims of ESCRs violations and abuses have been addressed through the available mechanisms;
iv)  To identify and discuss best practices for the ensuring that victims of ESCRs violations and abuses access justice; and 
v)   To ensure inclusion of ESCRs in the access to justice discourse at the national, regional and international levels.

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