The 3rd Edition Of The Sir Dawda International Human Rights Moot Competition 2022

Makerere University School of Law Students: MPINDI PERCY CHRISTOPHER LLB4 and APICA ANGELLA AREA LLB3 won the Dawda Kairaba Jawara International Human Rights Competition. The competition was organized by the University of Gambia, and took place from 5-10 December 2022. Mpindi Percy Christopher was awarded as the overall best oralist in the moot competition.

Mpindi Pecy Christopher and Apica Angella Area during the SDK Moot Court Competition

The SDK Moot is a flagship program of the NHRC that targets undergraduate law students to argue human rights issues before a regional human rights court using African human rights mechanisms and norms. The competition involved 12 African Universities competing in the preliminary rounds of the Moot and 8 went to the Gambia for the quarter, semifinal and final rounds.

The 2022’s case follows the story of the Republic of Kunta Kinteh, a small country in West Africa that is faced with critical questions of accountability for atrocity crimes, right to remedy and reparations, transitional justice, right to life etc. While the Republic of Kunta Kinteh has made modest efforts towards justice, many of the victims of the human rights violations are not pleased with the slow steps the government of Kunta Kinteh has taken towards bringing her former President and his accomplices to justice and have instructed an NGO to file a case on their behalf before the African Court on Human and Peoples Rights.