Internal Job Advert: Coordinator – Administrative Officers’ Law Short Course (SoL: ALSC)


The Administrative Officers’ Law Short-course started in 2009 as a collaborative initiative between the then Faculty of Law and the Department of Distance Education (DDE).

In 2010, the School of Law Board decided to conduct the course independent of the DDE.

In September 2011, SoL: ALSC was endorsed by the President’s Office through the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Service as a requirement for entry, promotion and confirmation of Administrative Officers.

– Dr. Peter Wandera served as inaugural coordinator from 2010 to August 2016.

Dr. Mayambala Kakungulu succeeded him from 30th August 2016 to January 2023.

The SoL seeks to recruit a new coordinator following Assoc. Prof Mayambala’s promotion to Director, Jinja Campus.

Roles And Responsibility:

Offer Strategic Direction for the ALSC

i. Identify and engage potential districts and partners for collaboration

ii. Ensure the self-sustainability of each of the Centre of operation

iii. Address matters from different stakeholders about the SoL: ALSC; and any other duties as may be assigned by the Short-Courses Committee or the Principal’s office.

Provide Programmatic Oversight for the successful implementation of the SoL: ALSC

i. Deploy and supervise facilitators to various Centres;

ii. Organize refresher training of trainers courses;

iii. Recruit and supervise Desk Officers for grassroots coordination and mobilization

iv. Monitor and Evaluation of all staff serving on the Course;

v. Oversee the printing of certificates and sign authorization of Certificates for the final signature of the Principal SoL 

vi. Attend the certificate award ceremonies;

Finance and Logistics

i. Prepare and administer Budget for the SoL: ALSC

ii. Prepare contracts for service providers including academic staff, desk officers and landlords for the venue of instructions;  

iii. Prepare claims for facilitation and service providers for submission to the Principal;

iv. Procure goods and services

REPORTING: The Chairperson Short Courses Committee;


i. Competitive dependent of the results generated.

ii. Applicant is only open to SoL Staff

Interested persons should submit their application to:  copied to:;   Deadline:  16th February 2023