SoL Staff Seminar 2017

Mr. Ivan Engoru was the second academic member of staff to make a presentation inthe revived staff seminars on Thursday 16th November 2017in the School of Law Board room.Mr. Engoru presented his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) research proposal entitled ‘Regulatory and Judicial Responses to Managerial Fraud in Uganda and South Africa:  A Case for Theoretical Review of State intervention to strengthen Free Market Corporate Systems for Managerial Accountability in Relation to Employee and Creditor Interests. 

The proposal that detailed the title, the abstract, the objectives, research questions was subjected to a critique and input from the academic members of staff. The staff gave guidance in terms of other sources of information and literary works in line with the topic that were useful to the study. Mr. Engoru was commended for taking on the subject of study which was said to be a great contribution to the world of knowledge.Academic staff seminars in the School of Law were revived following a decision taken at a curriculum review meeting held early this year 2017, where it was agreed that all academic staff members make academic paper presentations out of their literary work. This was one of the resolutions arrived at after a debate as to whether the School of Law were to be managed as a business or as a public institution of learning. 

Dr. Winnie Tarinyeba the Chair of the Commercial Law Department coordinates the activity and according to the roster drawn, two members of staff were assigned to make a presentation each month.