SoL Freshers’ Orientation 2016/17

The School of law has formerly welcome the first year students to the University with a call on them to use their newly acquired freedoms wisely.

The President Uganda Law society Mr. Francis Gimara urged the students to use the time at University to build networks that would be useful later on in their career, adding that being a lawyer is a calling that requires a lot of reading and being humble.

Gimara who was chief guest at the student orientation meeting in the School of law said as lawyers in the making, the Uganda Law Society is open as a professional body that exists to create forum for national and International law stakeholders.

He cautioned the students that their conduct from the very beginning onwards would determine whether they would graduate or not and with what degree.

He said studying law requires a change in approach to issues adding that as law students of the time, they are blessed to have internet as a source of literature, which they are mandated to read in large volumes.

He urged the law students to interface with other colleagues from the social and health sciences in order to benefit from their experiences, adding that the University has a lot of opportunities to serve humanity, grow one’s talent and enable one become what they want to be.

He asked the students to look out for mentors to advise them on emerging legal trends and above all indulge in self-leadership and self-initiative. He advised them to develop skills of self-organisation saying that a good lawyer must exemplify organisation in what they do.

The Principal School of Law Dr. Damalie NaggitaMusoke in her address to the students urged them to behave as students before engaging in other extra-curricular activities. She congratulated them for having gone through the sieving process of exams and the pre entry and asked them to read the Handbook which is a guide for all that they need to know about the law program.

Eva MulondoMusasizi , the representative from FIDA Uganda explained what FIDA is all about and urged the students to take advantage of the available opportunity in terms of accessing reading materials and opportunities for Internships.She cautioned them about self-respect, integrity, self-learning, being consistent.

Students were also addressed by the Director Guidance and Counselling Unit Makerere University Mr. Henry Nsubuga who introduced them to the available counselling services to address challenges faced by the students. He said as students they will face challenges but urged them to talk to get people to talk to and that the right place is the centre.

Professor Fredrick Jjuuko said as students they have gone through an education system that has many positive and negative things and therefore need to unlearn for instance the tendency to study to pass exams. He cautioned them against over dependency on pamphlets which may enable them pass them exams but will not know the law.

Students were also addressed by the School Registrar, and other Heads of departments.