Law Students Advised To Make The Right Choices And Work Hard

The Makerere University School of Law (SoL) held the Orientation Meeting for its First Year Students, Academic Year 2022/2023 on the 20th October 2022; Ms. Sarah Langa Siu, Chief Registrar – Courts of Judicature was the Guest of Honour.

Ms. Langa welcomed the freshers to the prestigious and honourable profession. She advised the students to make the right choices and work hard for the best grades during their time at University. ‘Campus is a buffet with a lot to offer, make the best choices. Remember every choice has a consequence and your choice today will impact your tomorrow’, she said. She highlighted a number of dos and donts which the students should take note of. Some of the points mentioned were: good role models and mentors; avoiding free things; minding the dress code and indecent dressing; quick money and deals, students using fees as capital; positive brand of self; vision and value addition.

Ms. Sarah Langa Siu, Chief Registrar – Courts of Judicature

The Chief Registrar added that ‘there is a long life ahead of you and don’t act like the world is ending, that everything has to be enjoyed within the 4 years of university’. Quoting the Bible Ecclesiastes 11:9, Ms. Langa told the students to enjoy their youth but to remember that God will judge them. She implored the students to work hard, be patient, be resilient and have a positive attitude, ‘the major reason you are at Makerere is to study and make sure you leave with a good degree class not a pass’ she said.

Staff welcomed the students to the SoL and gave them tips on how to use their time while at University.

In his remarks, Dr. Ronald Naluwairo (Associate Professor), Deputy Principal –SoL welcomed the students to Makerere University and the School of Law. He also conveyed a warm welcome from the Principal, Professor Christopher Mbazira who is away on official leave.

Dr. Ronald Naluwairo (Associate Professor), Deputy Principal – SoL

Dr. Naluwairo congratulated the students on joining a top law school in the country and region, he advised that the best teachers and resources are available and there is no reason for them to fail. ‘If you want the best results, don’t relax, concentrate on your studies and consult faculty and administration when you have challenges. We are here to ensure that you succeed’ he added. The Deputy Principal reminded the students that SoL and Makerere University have a zero tolerance policy to sexual harassment as well as examination malpractice and irregularities. ‘We wish you the best as you embark on this journey’ he said.

Mr. Ernest Kalibbala

Mr. Ernest Kalibbala, Lecturer – SoL also welcomed the students to the School and Makerere University. ‘You are the cream de la cream; the cream rises to the top, doesn’t sink to the bottom. Grades are important in determining your professional journey, therefore study hard and start now’, he told the students. Mr. Kalibbala further advised the students that you may feel overwhelmed at times but keep focused, be agile and work hard for the best results.

Dr. Kakungulu Mayambala (Associate Professor)

Dr. Kakungulu Mayambala (Associate Professor) also welcomed the students to SoL. ‘Set aside time for self-study, at least 4hours per day. Avoid the following problem areas: early marriages, alcoholism, late night movements, political activism, excessive prayer activities. Find a balance, otherwise your studies will be affected’ Dr. Kakungulu Mayambala advised the students.

Administrative staff spoke to the students highlighting the services available and where to access assistance. Mr. Abigaba Vincent, College Registrar – SoL and Ms. Hellen Mirembe, Examination Officer – SoL explained to the students the registration and examinations processes. Both officers advised the students to read the joining instructions booklet carefully and to avoid circumstances that may lead to suspension or expulsion from university such as examination malpractice to which others have been culprits.

Ms. Caroline Abilat and Ms. Evelyn Harona represented the Directorate of Gender Mainstreaming and Department of Guidance and Counselling respectively. Ms. Abilat talked to the students about the University Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy and the scholarships available. Ms. Harona advised the students to take care of their mental health and to seek help when they experience challenges.