VC Memo To Students On Adherence To Our Mak Mission

Date:             1st April, 2021

To:                  All Students

                        Makerere University

From:            The Vice Chancellor

                        Makerere University


I great all of you, our gallant Makerereans and I thank God for keeping you safe during this difficult time when we are all dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

As you are aware, we are implementing teaching and learning this semester using a staggered mode as advised by the Ministry of Education and Sports.  Online and face-to-face teaching and learning is implemented in a staggered manner according to the year of study.  We successfully completed orientation and one month of face-to-face for our freshers.  Currently, we are conducting a face-to-face for our second year students for one month.  After one month, we will receive all finalists for face-to-face teaching and learning on campus.

I wish to thank all of you gallant Makerereans for your exemplary conduct as we navigate through this difficult situation. Our dedicated Professors are doing everything necessary to ensure that you receive the quality education you are entitled to.  As the hope and future of Uganda and Africa, we salute you.

Despite our joint efforts to ensure that Makerere remains a true leader in higher education globally, we have received information that a few errant characters want to use the pending guild elections to cause unrest at the University.  I call upon all of you to shun the actions of these selfish individuals.

If we are to build a strong and free Africa, we must all understand our mission at this great Institution: The pursuit of knowledge for the transformation our societies.  Every minute lost in this pursuit can only help keep Africa behind.

God bless you all and I wish you a peaceful Easter Season