University Of London Seeks Research Collaboration With The School Of Law

In a bid to initiate research collaborations on issues of global challenges, Professor Jill Marshal from Royal Holloway, University of London held a meeting with staff of the School of Law and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences on Friday May 17th 2019.

The exploratory meeting held at the School of Law discussed a number of issues focused on the ways of attracting research grants available in the global Challenges fund that was announced by the UK Government in late 2015 to support cutting-edge research that addresses the challenges faced by developing countries. 

During the meeting, the parties discussed the available sources of funds like the networking grants and the possible ways of accessing them through partnerships between different professionals or even Universities in the region.

The meeting identified different research areas that could be funded and they included, Human Rights and Intellectual Law, Social work, women’s rights to privacy and confidentiality, trafficking of Humans for work, sex or body organs, sexual violence in refugee communities, sexual harassment at the places of work, gender mainstreaming in disaster and risk management, organized transnational crime, terrorist financing, drugs in their different manifestations, wildlife crime, presidential constitutional amendments all over Africa and the international backlash. 

Other possible study areas of national, regional and international concern that were identified included gambling and sports betting coming  in the guise of investors, the issue of increased censorship facing emerging democracies, cyberspace harassment laws, climate change issues and the social challenges accruing therefrom, artistic expressions among others.

It was agreed that the two disciplines Law and Social sciences if they worked together would be complementary in order to bring out both sides of the situation and the desired outcomes.

Professor Marshall is a Law Professor researching the role law plays in creating, allowing, representing and protecting certain aspects of our human identity and personal freedom with emphasis on the connections between law and humanity, care and belonging. Her work particularly focuses on women’s human rights, privacy, expression, and sexual violence in conflict and includes analysis of International law, global justice and human rights in their complexities of real life situations.

She teaches International human rights law, jurisprudence or philosophy of law, and the English Legal System.