SoL Golden Jubilee Celebrations

The School of Law concluded events organized to commemorate 50 years with a Dinner that brought together Alumni at Hotel Africana. The event was the climax of two-month celebrations and a launch of a fundraising drive for the 5 billion Uganda Shillings endowment fund for the School of Law.

The chief Justice of Uganda who is the first alumnus to ascend to that position was honored to be the first patron, a task he willingly accepted. In his remarks at the SoL@ 50 Dinner the inaugural Chairperson of the Alumnus Bart Katureebe congratulated all the alumni that have went through the School of Law, Makerere University. He made special recognition of the pioneer Law Teachers that included Prof. Justice Kanyeihamba and Prof. Sempeebwa among others for their sacrifice that led to the start of a great institution that is celebrated worldwide.

The Chief Justice reminiscing his time at University said he joined in 1971 and that he together with all that have gone through the School of Law can now look back and and take stock of the great strides they have realized in their life with satisfaction.

He said the motto of Makerere University “We Build for the Future” indicates that they were the bricks that were turned out and hence the great contributions that all alumni are making to society.

He challenged all alumni to make personal evaluation to see if each one of them was making positive contributions towards building Uganda and society. “We are part of the solutions to the problems of this country.  The big problem is corruption and as Judiciary we are accused.  Are we still building for the future?  Makerere University should not have taught us in vain.  Wherever we are, we should remember we build for the future as citizens and leaders said the Chief Justice.  

Mr. Kabushenga Robert, the Chairperson of the School of Law endowment fund observed that although the legal professional is the most successful in Uganda, the alumni have not come back to help in improving the Law school noting that the building where the law program was started is the same being used to date.  

‘There has been no new building” he said. Efforts have been initiated through Government Officials like the Chief Justice, the Speaker of Parliament to spearhead the drive to mobilise resources for improving infrastructure of the Law school.  “We the Lawyers need to donate and invest money for five years and be able to fund law school and provide scholarships and research funds’ he said.  

The representative of the Chairperson Makerere University Council, Mr. Tayebwa Thomas presented the University’s contribution of Ten Million Shillings towards the fund and an additional Five Million as his personal contribution as an alumnus of the School of Law.

Mr. Tayebwa said the University has done its part amidst the scarce resources and that   it’s time that the alumni to do their part as the case is in other international universities.  “We get 162 million as a University to build, maintain and do everything.  Makerere University is struggling’ he added.  

He said presently, the University has partly addressed the problem of teaching space through the Central Teaching Facilities and that plans are underway to turn Dining halls into lecture rooms since the University no longer provides meals.   He said staff salaries have also been paid and that the University chambers has been newly established and is expected to work closely with the School of Law.  

The President of Makerere University School of Law Alumni Kenya Chapter Mr. John Biro said the meeting was to celebrate the existence of excellence which is The School of Law that has succeeded in producing graduates well equipped to deal with new and emerging challenges with a rich tradition of excellence.  “It’s good to be back to join the celebrations.  Makerere University was built from bottom up, we are special with no competitor.  We face challenges but the investments we make today yield more results” he said as he expressed solidarity as Kenya chapter. 

The Chairperson of the organizing committee Rtd Justice Lameck. N. Mukasa in remarks read on his behalf said the School of Law was celebrating achievements and repositioning itself to play bigger roles in promoting justice rule of law and good governance.   He congratulated the organizing committee for the tireless work that marked the celebrations with all the planned events usefully undertaken.  

The Principal School of Law Dr. Christopher Mbazira congratulated all for the active roles played in the events that he termed as the first of its kind in the history of the School of Law. ‘We live in a dawning youthful innovation.  It’s a mission to transform the School of law. transform legal education and to close the gap between legal academia and practice adding that it is a collective journey.  

The Endowment fund to be managed by the Alumni Association will provide a funding base to enable the Faculty of the School of Law to undertake Research, support to needy but bright law students, avail the needed resources necessary for the teaching and learning.