SoL Bids Farewell to Staff

On the 18th June 2022, the School of Law (SoL) organized a farewell party to celebrate four long-serving staff. The four members including Professor Sylvia Tamale, Mr. Nyanja Musoke, Hon. Yusuf Nsibambi and Ms. Deborah Mpiima Kisolo had worked in different positions at the School for many years and were awarded with plaques for their commitment and service to the School.

In his opening remarks, Professor Christopher Mbazira, Principal, School of Law, appreciated the four for their commitment. Prof. Mbazira noted that some of the staff being celebrated had retired while others had chosen different careers.Talking about Professor Sylvia Tamale, the Principal said,“we have enjoyed working with you, you’ve always been a mentor to so many of us, you were kindhearted and could help some students who were financially challenged as well as staff with social challenges. Thank you Professor Tamale”. Prof. Mbazira also noted that, “The beauty with academia is that your students become your colleagues and at some point they become your bosses,” he said. Prof. Mbazira also applauded Mr. Nyanja Musoke who during his tenure of service as a Lecturer of development studies taught without any discrimination and was very soft and kindhearted. The Principal also appreciated Hon. Yusuf Nsibambi for being popular and kind with students. Professor Mbazira praised Ms. Deborah Kisoro, for her photographic memory of students and thanked her for the service to the many that came to his office.

In her remarks, Professor Sylvia Tamale appreciated the School for nurturing her for 37 years. She also thanked SoL staff for organizing the party and for being fantastic colleagues. “You all know that I always come to the school, and I will always be coming to enjoy SoL benefits without teaching,” she said. Professor Tamale requested that a room be reserved for retired staff in the new SoL building.

According to Professor Mbazira, Professor Tamale was key in the construction of the building and was a member on the Steering Committee for the SoL new building, “I pledge that a room will be reserved for our retired staff,” Prof. Mbazira said. Speaking about Professor Tamale, Hon. Yusuf Nsibambi noted that, “Professor Tamale challenged the perspective and outlook of the faculty towards women, most of the bad examples given by lecturers were against women, things changed when she came in, she was really firm, principled and a loving lecturer,” he said.

Hon. Yusuf Nsibambi joined Makerere University in 1990 and was a student of Professor Sylvia Tamale, the only female member of the faculty then. Initially he fought discrimination against Muslims by the university which was sparked-off by the introduction of a new menu which was against Muslims. This was achieved together with Prof. Abasi Kiyimba.  With the assistance of Professor Oloka-Onyango, Hon. Nsibambi fought the University idea of shifting the construction of the University Mosque from the current location to the location close to College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology. After realizing that many were voiceless out there, Hon. Nsibambi shifted his advocacy skills to not only Muslims but also for the voiceless. Hon. Nsibambi appreciated those he has worked especially Professor Tamale for encouraging ladies to join the school, “When I see young ladies taking the mantle, it’s really a great achievement, my mother took me to good schools. I miss the Faculty of Law, its good we have better and young people taking over,” he said.

Mr. Nyanja Musoke was a lecturer of Development Studies at School of Law, with a passion in teaching which was inherited from his grandparents. According to Mr. Musoke, “SoL is the place I have worked the longest, and I have been awarded, I really appreciate”. According to Mr. Musoke, Development Studies was the only course were I thought I would defend rights of Uganda as a country, “Development is about political, social and economic justice and law is meant to organize these,” he said.  Mr. Musoke appreciated SoL for giving him an opportunity to teach, “I never had issues with Deans and Heads of Departments despite my political sensitivity and some military training, life has been very smooth for me at School of Law,” he said. According to Mr. Musoke, law is meant to organize life of society, and create a wonderful environment and make it beautiful; the lawyers we teach are learned friends but we need to go back to the roots, work with ordinary people and prove that we are their own,” he said. Mr. Musoke applauded PILAC for being very useful in addressing societal issues,“they have dealt well with the current issues of prisoners,” he said. Mr. Musoke also cautioned SoL staff from shouting too much during lecturers as it can lead to throat cancer. He also advised them to avoid over standing which can result to back and leg pain.“We teachers like shouting, but as teachers we don’t need to shout, this can cause throat cancer. The time we leave, our backs are affected with legs paining. We need stools to avoid limping and at times it leads to a stroke. We need to improve these in our service delivery,” he said.

In her remarks, Ms. Deborah Mpiima Kisolo thanked God for the gift of life and the opportunity to work since 1982 without any serious sickness. “I was born from Makerere village and am a product of Makerere University,” she said.She joined School of Law in 2011 and has served as the exam coordinator since. Ms. Deborah appreciated staff for working and walking with her. She also urged staff to embrace God in all they do.