S&L Advocates Donates All England Law Reports (1936 – 2020) To School Of Law

S&L Advocates (formerly Sebalu & Lule Advocates) has donated a full set of All England Law Reports (1936-2020) to the School of Law (SoL), Makerere University. The reports were handed over at a colourful ceremony held on Friday, 18th March 2022 to celebrate 40 years since S&L Advocates was established. Mr. Barnabas Tumusingize (Managing Partner, S&L Advocates) handed over the donation to Prof. Christopher Mbazira (Principal, School of Law) who was accompanied by a delegation of students led by Mr. Percy Mpindi (President, Makerere Law Society).

Mr. Andrew Kamuteera Munanura (Partner, S&L Advocates)

The Master of Ceremony, Mr. Andrew Kamuteera Munanura (Partner, S&L Advocates) welcomed the SoL delegation to the S&L Advocates premises encouraging all present to feel comfortable and enjoy the evening. He introduced Partners and Staff of S&L explaining that the celebration should have taken place in 2020, however, it had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Mr. Munanura expressed his hope that this visit and celebration would serve as an inspiration to the students who were given a tour of the S&L Chambers as well as an interactive session with the Managing Partner and staff. He further said that S&L was happy to give back to Makerere University, SoL where many of the advocates had studied.

In his remarks, Mr. Barnabas Tumusingize (Managing Partner, S&L Advocates), welcomed the SoL delegation to the S&L Chambers and thanked them for accepting the invitation. He thanked the SoL for the nurturing during their time as students and appreciated that many of the advocates at the chambers were alumni of Makerere University, SoL. ‘It is my belief that the School has changed, but we have fond memories of our stay at Makerere. I completed my studies in 1988 and those were hard times but we received knowledge’, Mr. Tumusingize said. He further thanked SoL for continuing to pass out students that they employ and or host for clerkship during their training.

Mr. Barnabas Tumusingize (Managing Partner, S&L Advocates)

Speaking to the students, Mr. Tumusingize encouraged them to work hard, be patient and avoid instant gratification. He advised that excellence is about hard work, patience and serious effort. ‘Don’t look at senior counsels and think that their achievements are going to come to you soon; invest time, be trustworthy and integrity must be maintained towards clients and colleagues’ Mr. Tumusingize further advised. He recognized the forward thinking by the founders of S&L Advocates, Mr. Paulo Sebalu and Mr. Godfrey Serunkuuma Lule who established the chambers in 1980 and set a strong foundation which has enabled the firm to grow from strength to strength 42years since its establishment.

Part of the audience that attended the handover ceremony.

Receiving the donation, Prof. Christopher Mbazira thanked S&L for the donation which will greatly support teaching and learning. He expressed his pleasure and that of SoL to join S&L Advocates at this celebration. He commended Mr. Tumusingize and S&L for the support to SoL and proposals on how to improve given to the School. ‘As an institution Makerere University has been eager to seek out alumni, know what they are doing and see how to collaborate going forward’, he said. He explained that it is symbolic that Makerere University is celebrating 100years this year, SoL celebrated 50years in 2019 and S&L Advocates is celebrating 40years. Prof. Mbazira congratulated S&L Advocates noting that it is no mean achievement for a firm in the global south especially Africa, where most institutions are wound up with the retirement or demise of their founders.

Prof. Christopher Mbazira, Principal School of Law, Makerere University with part of the donation of All England Law Reports (1936-2020) in the foreground.

He noted that ‘In many instances, big multinational law firms engage in franchise like practice conscripting national law firms with talent to become their concierge, yet S&L has proven that it is possible for talented lawyers in global south to build a practice that competes with that of international firms establishing networks and partnerships as equals’. Prof. Mbazira further said ‘S&L has made a name for their ethical legal practice and professionalism exhibited in their work and service, proving that it is possible to be successful while practicing ethically’. I do envy the young lawyers who intern or undertake their clerkship and associates who start their practice at S&L which gives them a good foundation he noted.

Sharing his experience when he meets senior lawyers, Prof. Mbazira said ‘some thank us for the work of holding the school together, commending the innovations and offering suggestions on what can be improved however others question the quality of legal education offered referencing some of the students/lawyers they interact with’. The Principal suggested that the quality of any industry is a reflection of how much the industry has invested in training young people aspiring to join the industry. He emphasized that it is pertinent that practicing lawyers and law schools work together to improve the legal industry. It is our hope that the move by S&L to support Makerere University. SoL is only the beginning for further collaboration between academia and legal practice. The SoL will reach out more to alumni and advocates for collaboration.

Mr. James Mukasa Sebugenyi (Senior Partner, S&L Advocates)

In his closing remarks, Mr. James Mukasa Sebugenyi (Senior Partner, S&L Advocates) said ‘if you are not a good example, you are a horrible warning and work for a cause not applause’. Mr. Mukasa explained that he hopes that in giving this donation S&L serves as a good example encouraging the students to always give back and always challenge themselves to serve as good examples.

The celebration was concluded by cocktail and dinner.