Semester Calendar 2024/2025, 2025/2026 & 2026/2027

The Academic Registrar has released the Proposed Semester Calendar for Academic Years 2024/2025, 2025/2026, and 2026/2027. Please note that all students will be physically present at the University under BLENDED TEACHING AND LEARNING (PHYSICAL AND ONLINE).

Key highlights 2024/2025

Fresher’s Orientation: Saturday 3rd August to Friday 9th August 2024 (7 days)

Semester One: Saturday 3rd August to Sunday 8th December 2024 (17 weeks)

Semester One Holiday Break: Sunday 8th December 2024 to Saturday 18th January 2025

75th Graduation Week: Monday 13th to Friday 17th January 2025 (5 days)

Semester Two: Saturday 18th January to Sunday 15th June 2025 (17 weeks)

Key highlights 2025/2026

Fresher’s Orientation: Saturday 23rd August to Friday 29th August 2025 (7 days)

Semester One: Saturday 23rd August to Sunday 21st December 2025 (17 weeks)

Semester One Holiday Break: Sunday 21st December 2025 to Saturday 17th January 2026

76th Graduation Week: Monday 12th to Friday 16th January 2026 (5 days)

Semester Two: Saturday 17th January to Sunday 17th May 2026 (17 weeks)

Key highlights 2026/2027

Fresher’s Orientation: Saturday 1st August to Friday 7th August 2026 (7 days)

Semester One: Saturday 1st August to Sunday 29th November 2026 (17 weeks)

Semester One Holiday Break: Sunday 29th November 2026 to Saturday 16th January 2027

77th Graduation Week: Monday 11th to Friday 15th January 2027 (5 days)

Semester Two: Saturday 16th January to Sunday 16th May 2027 (17 weeks)

The detailed calendar may be accessed below for ease of reference.