RLPs 20 Years Of Promoting And Protecting Human Rights Of Refugees And Hosts

What does twenty years of promoting and protecting the human rights of refugees and their hosts look like?

On this International Human Rights Day, 2019, we invite you to watch RLP@20 to find out! The film traces our journey from its founding moments with the late Dr Barbara Harrell-Bond through to our current status as a leading centre for justice and forced migrants, with offices throughout Uganda.

Kabafunzaki Darius King

Here’s what Kabafunzaki Darius King, the producer, had to say about weaving this complex story together:

“As a member of the video advocacy team it couldn’t get much harder than trying to summarise RLP’s work of 20 years in a video clip of less than 20 minutes. After producing a rough cut, I shared with my colleagues and was surprised when they said “This is the best piece you have ever put together”.  On 5th November, to a full house of invited guests that included our donors, partners, stakeholders, leaders, our clients and some staff, I screened RLP@20 to a very silent yet very attentive audience for 18 minutes. All this while I crossed my fingers against any technical issues but was also nervous about what the audience was thinking of the production. As the last credits rolled off the screen, there was a long loud applause from the audience followed by individuals commending me and my team for a job well done. The long hours of hard work had finally paid off!”

We thank you again for your support over the years and warmly welcome any comments you may have on this celebration of twenty years of commitment to enabling forced migrants and their hosts to live in dignity and enjoy their human rights.

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