PILAC Convenes CLE Annual Moot

The Public Interest Law Clinic (PILAC) in the School of Law held the Inaugural School Moot Court in Court Room 1 at the High Court, presided over by real Judges. The Moot was by the Clinical Legal Education Students.

According to the Coordinator PILAC, Dr. Christopher Mbazira, this is one of a series of activities intended to build a partnership with the Judiciary. He said the Moot was aimed at exposing the students to the Court Environment so that by the end of the Course, students have had some practical exposure of the Court.

The Theme for the Moot was African Human Rights System, particularly the African Court of Human Rights.  It was designed to help students understand the workings of the African Court on Human and Peoples Rights and the rights of indigenous peoples evicted as a result of mining activities.

The Moot had a panel of four judges, consisting of Justice Geoffrey Kiryabwire (Court of Appeal/Constitutional Court),Justice Prof Lillian Ekirikubinza-Tibatemwa (Court of Appeal/Constitutional Court) Justice Solome Bboosa (Court of Appeal/Constitutional Court, also Judge of the African Court on Human and Peoples Rights), and Justice Lydia Mugambe (High Court).
In a debrief after the session the Judges commended the Lecturers for their efforts in preparing the students for the moot, adding that they would continue to be involved in the annual Moot activities.

Students were advised on a number of areas for improvement that include their etiquette and confidence, self esteem as well as have a good command of the English language, balancing the flow of their speech, use of complete sentences and nervousness. Other areas were on Clarity of issues, explanation and analysis, balancing breathing and speaking, catching the eye of the Judge and ensuring that one completes the issues once given an opportunity to speak the judges expressed the need to have more and more Moots and asked the students to use their free time to come to courts and observe the proceedings adding that for one to be a good lawyer , one needs to argue cases in Court and not only being brilliant in Class. They emphasised the need to prepare and work on the art of Public Speaking  and to read widely.