Mr. Robert Kirunda awarded LLM (Science & Technology)

Mr. Robert Kirunda, teaching staff at Makerere University School of Law completed studies at Stanford Law School, Stanford University, California, USA where he was awarded a Master of Laws in Science and Technology. Congratulations to Robert on this milestone at Stanford Law School which is ranked no.1 law school in the US.

Robert Kirunda at the graduation ceremony with son, Orel Kirunda-Muzira and Dr. John Dalton, Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Stanford Law School

Robert said “This achievement is both profound and life changing. I am grateful to my family and colleagues for their patience and support on this journey and for the incredible relationships I’ve built during this course. The people and culture at Stanford Law School really are unlike any other law school in the world. There’s much to learn and emulate”.

Robert’s son, Orel Kirunda-Muzira (in photos wearing red Stanford pullover) accompanied the father to the graduation ceremony; what an inspiration to the son.

Prof. George Triantis, Dean, Stanford Law School with Robert and Orel