Moot Winners Present Trophies To The Principal

Members of  the School of Law Moot Society have this afternoon presented the trophies that they won at the Cehurd and ICRC Moot to the Principal of the School of Law Dr. Christopher Mbazira, they also intimated to him the various logistical challenges they have while organizing for the moots, such as not having robes and inadquate funds to finance their activities, they also appreciated the very many times the school has been able to provide venues and funds for their activities, as well as the help from well wishers. They thanked lecturers like Dr.Ruhweza, madam Namyalo, Ms. Ahumuza Dianah for all the guidance rendered.

In his remarks the principal congratulated the teams upon overcoming this feat, he explained that what the  moot society did is a realisation  of one of the objectives of the school to impact practical legal education skills to the students, he advised the society to set up a fund so that they can plan for future moot exploits, he also pledged continued support to the society.