Deputy Chief Justice Applauds School Of Law

The Deputy Chief Justice of Uganda Hon. Justice Alfonse Chigamoy Owiny-Dollo has commended the School of Law Makerere University for the practical teaching methodologies that expose the students to real life issues in their learning, and pledged fostering stronger linkages between the Judiciary and the School of Law.

‘ As judges, whether at the bench or the bar, we should continue to skill lawyers  to ensure that they are well trained  to help in the delivery of Justice’ he said at the close of the 5th Clinical Legal Education students moot competition held at the High Court of Uganda on 25th of April 2019.

Justice Owiny Dollo said Lawyers were the foot soldiers in the war of rule of law and that a robust legal fraternity makes government ensure rule of law prevails. ‘When we see School of Law beginning to instill the future foot soldiers with skills in advocacy, skills of appearing before court, and undertaking research early in their career path, then it should be commended for demystifying legal procedure making it an ordinary process, he added.

While addressing the students, the Deputy Chief Justice advised them to take advantage of the innovation in the teaching methodologies which would help them during their time at the Law Development centre where they will only be perfecting the skills already acquired.

He commended the presiding Judges for their effort in nurturing the upcoming lawyers citing Justice Lydia Mugambe who was reported to have been involved in the Moot Courts since they started as well as Justice Geoffrey Kiryabwire who has for long exhibited interest in mentoring Law student.  He said this kind of mentorship to the young lawyers will go a long way to sustain and give further effect to the foundation laid by the senior counsel.

Justice Owiny Dollo said there were many new and emerging areas of law  and that moots were a learning activity not only for students but also were found to be helpful in informing the judicial officers.

The Moot Court was presided over by judge that included Justice Lydia Mugambe, Justice Jane Francis Abodo, Justice Wolayo and Justice Olive Kazzarwe.

Justice Lydia Mugambe while giving a feedback on the student’s performance in the moot commended the staff for the tremendous work done in preparing the students, noting that there was a remarkable improvement compared to when the annual moot courts began in 2014 citing areas like dress code, presentation skills, research which were professionally done.

She advised the students to improve in areas like the command of the English language, clarity, coherence of thought, keeping eye contact with the Judges as well as exhibiting confidence while answering questions from the judges.

The Principal School of Law and Coordinator PILAC, Dr. Christopher Mbazira said it was five years ago that the annual moot court competitions before real judges began at High Court, under the Clinical Legal Education (CLE) program supported by the Public Interest Law Clinic.  He commended the Judiciary for the effort towards closing the gap with the academia.