The School of Law has been commended or their efforts in offering free legal services to the most needy communities surrounding Makerere University.

The community leaders drawn from Kikoni, Kivulu, Kasokoso and Kikubakutwewere beneficiaries of the three-day training for paralegals held at the grand global hotel. It was organized by the Legal Aid unit with support from the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF)

While presiding over the closing of the training, the Ag. Principal, School of Law Prof Christopher Mbazira commended the team at the Legal Aid Unit of the school of Law for demystifying the ivory tower syndrome through working closely with the communities that benefit from the legal services offered by the unit.  He said through such efforts, the relations between Makerere University and the surrounding communities had over time improved.

He said the training covered subjects like the land lord and tenant relationsthat affect people on day to day basis with a focus on the law and what pertains to it. He urged the participants to utilize the knowledge acquired to help their respective communities.

Prof. Mbazirasaid the interactions with the communities has been beneficial to law students since it offers a learning exposure through real life issues that shape their appreciation of the law.  He said the School of Law did not have financial resources to give to the leasers but was sharing their knowledge and expertise which would be useful to the people now and in the future.

The community Law and mobile Clinic (CLAPMOC) is an outreach arm of the School of Law that works in the communities to offer legal literacy sessions, offer legal services to the needy members of the community.  Students take a lead role and with the help of instructors and advocates, they gain through practical learning from real life issues affecting the people. During the paralegal training, the students played a lead role in knowledge transfer as trainers and lead discussants.

The areas covered in the training included the Law on Financial Organizations specifically SACCOs, and Cooperatives, Introduction to the Law on Financial/Business Organizations in Uganda as well as Legal Processes of Starting, Registering and Managing a Business Organization