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Makerere Law Society

Historical background

The Makerere Law Society (MLS), established in 1971, is the law students’ union at Makerere University. The principal objective of the MLS is to promote the traditions and aspirations of the legal profession among law students and foster social interaction at all levels with an aim to produce holistic lawyers in a responsible society

The aims and objectives of the MLS

The aims and objectives of the society shall be:-

a) To encourage the traditions of the legal profession; its academic life and the cultivation of a genuine and responsible society.

b) To foster the interaction of members of the society at all levels for the purpose of enhancing an academic and social relationship;

c) To promote or cause to be published any legal literature which shall best promote the interest of the society;

d) To participate whenever possible and practicable in law enforcement and administration of justice in Ugand

e) To establish contacts and co-operation with organizations, institutions or persons for the purpose of promoting the interest of the society.

f) To enter into, acquire possession of property that will or may accrue to the society.

g) To promote the understanding and observance of the rule of law, democracy and legal protection of human rights;

h) To carry out such other activities that may be conducive to the objectives here in above, there with or incidental hereto.