Why Makerere University School of Law?

The Makerere School of Law has distinguished itself among other Schools of Law as one of the best places to nurture legal minds.  This assertion follows over forty years of experience since its formation in 1973 as the first and only institution teaching law in Uganda. Through the years, thousands of lawyers have graduated at the School and there is no doubt that these have been at the centre of events both locally and internationally.

This is also backed up by the vast experience of its teaching staff that has traversed the globe to better acquaint themselves with the law in general in an international perspective which assures the students of diversity of knowledge, this comprises alma mater of the best law schools in the world, like Harvard, Stanford,Oxford, London, Notre Dame, Canterbury, etcetera. The School also enables the students to apply concepts acquired in class by interfacing with a practical dimension through clinical legal Education, and internship programs as well as the Community Law Programme and Mobile Law Clinic.

 The School has set out on a mission;
" To impart quality legal knowledge and skills within an inter-disciplinary framework inspired by legal scholarship, outreach and a commitment to justice for all, and to produce graduates well equipped to deal with new and emerging legal problems who will serve their clients and the community with integrity and excellence", set on that path with a vision;

“To  be one of Africa’s pre-eminent law schools, with a rich tradition of excellence in the teaching of law, legal training and research”.

The School boasts of an establishment of 64 (sixty four) Academic staff.  Currently there are 46 (forty six) filled positions and two part-time staff; the staff population has grown over time to cater for the growing population of students over time. The School has a Legal Informatics centre with Internet connection and fully subscribed to various legal data bases, abstracts and indices. Students can access Law Information resources online.

There is a book bank operated within the school which enables to borrow the basic reference books each semester.  The book bank has about 5,000 reference books; there is also “Law Cage” section in the Main Library which is exclusively used by Law students.  It has over 10,000 reference books and law reports also complemented with the e-library resources in the Main Library (journals, law reports, etc.)

The University also provides accommodation in the various halls of residence for students, there are also hostels affiliated to the University which are located in close proximity to the university which have shuttles that are scheduled to transport students on and off campus.