John Jean Barya

Academic Staff

Qualification : 
LL.B. (Hons) (Mak); LL.M, Ph.D. (Warwick); Certificate Freedom of Association (ILO, Turin/Geneva) Diploma, Freedom Association (ILO, Turin/Geneva); Dip L.P. (LDC, Kampala)
Academic Experience : 

Assoc. Prof. Barya joined the School in 1984 and is attached to the Department Public and Comparative Law of which he was a former Head. He has also worked as Executive Director and Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Basic Research and formerly Trustee, Non-Performing Assets Recovery Trust (NPART). He is currently an International Labour Organization Consultant. He is an active researcher in public interest issues, civil society and cultural matters and an expert on labor law and development issues. Dr. Barya has published on foreign aid issues, workers and the law, constitutionalism, democracy and the state, industrialization and technology acquisition, Investment Law and Cultural Revivalism in Uganda. He is an Advocate of the Courts of Judicature in Uganda.


His areas of teaching and research interest include Jurisprudence, Labour Law and Legal Methods.