Makerere University has served as the traditional seat of academic excellence in English speaking Africa. The SCHOOL OF LAW has opened its doors to students since 1968 and expanded to a current student body of over 650 students and 30 distinguished faculties. The SCHOOL OF LAW has continuously adapted itself to suit diverse student needs in a rapidly changing and growing regional economy. Makerere SCHOOL OF LAW continues, each year, to attract some of the nation's best and maintains a diverse student body with a greater degree of gender balance than any other professional school on the campus.

At the undergraduate level, the SCHOOL OF LAW offers the 4-year undergraduate Bachelor of Laws (LLB.) degree. This course is conducted simultaneously in the Full-time Day program and Evening Program. Each of the two is specially suited for a different class of student, the latter being tailored to professionals who want to deepen their knowledge of law- or are called to the legal profession later in fife and is exclusively available to self-sponsored students. The extension of the course to four years was intended to both .0broaden and deepen the students' grasp of legal concepts and their relationship to other disciplines. It also gives a much wider choice of subjects, particularly in the final year of study. At the graduate level, the SCHOOL OF LAW offers the 2-year Master of Laws (LL.M) degree and the Doctor of Laws (LL.D.). At the Master's level, there is no specialization but the student has the choice to tailor his/her academic and professional needs according to their interests. The Doctor of Laws generally follows the Doctor of Philosophy structure and is similar in academic rigour.