Objectives of School of Law


SCHOOL OF LAW has the following as its objectives:

    To educate Ugandan lawyers in their own country so that they are more familiar with Ugandan Law, the legal system and all the legal problems in their sociological, political, economic and general cultural context.
    To produce law graduates who are satisfactorily prepared for further training and grooming for professional practice that is of value and service to the people individually and to the country at large.
    To produce law graduates of the highest academic standing and calibre competent to execute all and any legal work in any capacity either as state Attorneys or as private legal practitioners of legal executive officers.
    To provide other University students and members of the public with the quality and quantity of legal knowledge and service required in their residence; and,
    To preserve and foster the traditional role of a university in propagating knowledge both within and outside the country of its setting.