School of Law receives a research grant on Law, Policy and the voices of SGBV survivors.


The School of Law in collaboration with the Royal Holloway University Londonare set to undertake research on Law, policy and the voices of sexual and gender-based violence survivors.

Dr. Josephine Ndagire, School of Law Makerere University together with Prof.  Jill Marshall from Royal Holloway University of London received a research grant from the Academy of Sciences as part of the Global Challenge Research Fund in the United Kingdom.  The project will address the need to place the voice of the survivors of sexual and gender-based violence in conflict at the core of the work of civil society activists, national and international practitioners, and the academia.


A consultative workshop for experts was held at the School of Law Makerere University on the 17th to 19th of February 2020 to lay strategies for the implementation of the research project on Infusing Law and Policy with the voices of Displaced survivors of Sexual Violence in Conflict.

In his remarks, Dr. Christopher Mbazira, Ag. Principal School of Law extended appreciation from the management of the School of law upon the new project, which he said would add to the existing efforts to change the way teaching and learning methodologies of the law program.  He said the school of law had initiated processes of mainstreaming gender issues in teaching and learning despite the challenges associated with changing the practice of the traditional ways of teaching.

He said the School of Law was the best suited place where issues of policy reforms could be freely discussed and that a number of players were free to come together to discuss such issues. He said Uganda had a history of civil conflict and known to be one of the highest refugee hosting countries in the regionexperiencing a big number of cases of sexual and gender-basedviolence.  He said although Lawyers tend to be aloof from other social disciplines, the School of Law was better placed to offer space for such discussions.



In a statement from Prof. Jill Marshall, the outcome of the research project will be research papers and user friendly materials for lawyers and non-lawyers with a focus on the feminist and development based approaches to vulnerability to sexual and Gender based violence of displaced persons including those who bear children from rape and their lack of inclusion and belonging to society.

The project is rooted in the global challenge of Listening to and incorporating  the voices and lived experiences of sexual and gender based violence survivors amongst displaced persons to inform future drafting and interpretation of Law and policy, thereby contributing to sustainable development goal number 5; the empowerment of girls and women and the achievement of gender equality.

During the meeting deliberations were centered on the topics under discussions that included The Evolution of the Concept of Dignity in International Law, Legal Framework for the protection of Women and Girls from SGBV/CRSV in International Law, as well as Limitations of Protections in International Law and the Role of the Victims/Survivors.

At the close of the meeting, the team agreed on a number of steps to undertake the push the process forward and this included conducting a context analysis to identify the areas, issues and the gaps and thereafter develop guidelines for the consultation process.   The participants were drawn from Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, Sudan and Burundi