Law Students appeal for more practical learning opportunities


The pioneer students in the pilot Business Law Clinic that has been running in the School of Law have called for more opportunities for practical exposures in the teaching and learning of Law. They also called for an increase in the number of students in order to benefit a wider group given the proven opportunities experienced to date.

During the learning and reflection meeting held at Piato hotel on Wednesday 28th October 2020, the students applauded the Principal Investigator Dr. PhionaMuhweziMpangaand the entire team on the program for their selfless energies in the running of the student-led program.

‘My best experience was interacting with clients, real people, with real issues, the information sessions that introduced me to concepts that I never knew, writing and coming up with documents that I never knew’, it was something new, the assignments were drawn from new areas and this made me eager to undertake them’.  said Margaret while explaining how she had benefited from the program.

Abbas Luyombya, a student with sight disability while giving his experience of the program said he got exposed to real life issues that opened his perspectives towards life citing the example of the life struggles of refugees and prostitutes and their effort towards redefining themselves and starting life all over. He said through community outreaches, he got the opportunity to appreciate class differences, and how people are affected by the law due to ignorance of the law as well as the gaps between law, policy and actual implementation.  He said his best experience was in the area of business registration.

Luyombyasaid that as a student with visual impairment, he was well accommodated in the Business Law Clinic, where unlike other programs in the Law School, he was able to access, work with and share material in soft copy.

'The Pilot Transactional Law Clinic Project' funded by RIF Makerere University, conducted thestudent learning and reflection debrief meeting,  as a feedback session for the twelve (12) 'guinea-pig' law students enrolled on the Clinic Programme in the first year of the Clinic.

The students were able to share their most impactful moments of experiences on the project, their growth and their challenges. They also made proposals on how best to improve the project, the Programme and the interventions. They also got an opportunity to evaluate the Clinic staff on their performance.


Ms. Carol Kamugira, Engagement Officer with the Research and Innovation Fund (RIF) said grants worth over thirty Billion Shillings were received to fund innovations in Makerere University.  She commended the Business Law Clinic for the timely implementation of the program, citing it was one of the best performing projects.  She asked the students to take seriously the opportunity presented to them in the project, noting that although a lot of research work end up on shelves, it was different for the clinic.  She was happy to note from the deliberations that the students had learnt a lot and were replicating the lessons learnt in the communities and also with fellow students.

Ms. Nona Tamale, an alumni of the Public Interest Law Clinic in the School of Law took the students through the various career opportunities open to them. She encouraged them to gain as much skills as possible because later on in their career path, these would be handy and make a difference between them and other lawyers that did not get the kind of exposure early on in their career path.