Lawyers ask government to pilot schools re-opening

Friday, 27 November 2020 - 9:56am


Over 2,000 students are today set to sit for the Makerere university pre-entry exams to qualify for bachelor of law studies.

The exams test the students’ logic, reading, comprehension, language and numerical skills, general knowledge and analytical writing skills.

The pass mark is 50%.

For one to qualify to sit the pre-entry exams, they must have obtained at least 15 points at A-Level. The female students will still have an advantage owing to the 1.5 points for affirmative action.

Earlier, The Academic registrar Alfred Masikye Namoah had indicated that the pre-entry exams shall be the sole criteria for admitting students on government scholarship to the Bachelor of Laws Degree course instead of the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE)

Makerere University introduced the pre-entry examinations in 2012.