Janet Museveni: “Makerere University will rise from the ashes”

Monday, 21 September 2020 - 8:01am

At around midnight on Sunday morning, fire gutted the 98 year – old main administration building at the university destroying records and property worth millions of shillings.

The First Lady who also doubles as the Minister of Education visited the university hours later and met with officials from the university led by the Vice Chancellor, Prof.Barnabas Nawangwe in a closed door meeting to get detailed information about the fire.


Following her visit, the minister said in a tweet that as a believer, she believes that everything works out for the good of the righteous and with this fire, Makerere stands to gain other than lose.

She said: “For us who believe in God, we know that everything works out for our good. This is a chance for Makerere to be rebuilt, not just buildings but the culture, the morals of the people and everything that pertains to our prestigious university.”

Janet Museveni however noted that investigations into the cause of the fire had began and the process of rebuilding the Ivory Tower was underway.

According to sources and some eyewitnesses who spoke to The Nile Post, investigations will mostly zero down to where the fire started.

Some eye witnesses, who preferred anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter, told this website that the cause of the fire was suspicious.

The head of the Crime Investigations Directorate, AIGP Grace Akullo told journalists on Sunday that investigations into the fire had kicked off.

“We have started to investigate the exact cause of the fire. We want to find out whether it was an arson or any other cause. At the moment it is too early to speculate on the cause,” Akullo said.