As mandated by the University, the School of Law undertakes internships for all students in their third year. The objective of the activity is to give the students an opportunity to apply the theories learned in class as well as gain exposure in office etiquette. There are a number of organizations that host the students both in the government as well as in the informal sector, Government ministries and agencies, law firms, NGOs among others. The students spend eight weeks and they are assessed. Learning from t heir reports, the students gain in terms of skills, such as legal drafting, interpersonal relationships and a host of other benefits.

In addition, PILAC identified partners and organizations to host student in the Internship program. A number of organizations both new and old were been contacted and the students asked to express their preferences. The internships afford the students the opportunity to put to apply the public interest lawyering skills they had acquired and resulted into the acquisition of practical skills.