Rights activists want govt to address marginalized poor

Rights activists want Government to address the underlying causes that drive the less privileged into marginal areas such as road/railway reserves, wetlands and streets

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Owiny-Dollo warns lawyers over age limit 'idle’ talk

Maintaining the Constitutional Court ruling, the Supreme Court ruled that the presidential age limit stands scrapped from the Constitution

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Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo speaks during the 5th Clinical Legal Education program before judges at the High Court in Kampala. Photo by Ronnie Kijjambu

Prioritise human rights in SDGs implementation, gov't urged

The 17 SDGs, which came into effect in January 2016, are a universal call to action to end poverty and protect the planet.

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Govt official, Makerere don clash over NGO Act 2016

"The promulgated NGO Act 2016 was done in bad faith," says Prof. Christopher Mbazira.

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Makerere to assist students search for jobs

he Vice Chancellor of Makerere University Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe promised to set up a liaisons desk in his office where they will be able to source employment opportunities for graduates.

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Makerere University 68th graduation ceremony kicks off

It is day one of the 68th edition of the Makerere University graduation and nearly 14,000 students are to be awarded various honours over the course of four days.

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Makerere Law pre-entry exam for May 03

The Makerere University Academic Registrar, Alfred Namoah Masikye has scheduled this year’s pre-entry Examination for admission to the Bachelor of Laws for Saturday May 03.

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Makerere wins Inter-University Moot Court competition

Makerere University on Friday emerged victorious after winning the 5th annual Inter University Law Moot Court competitions aimed at preparing young lawyers for litigation.

Makerere emerged victorious after beating 8 universities in a tight race with 74% and Uganda Christian University, Mukono came second with 66%.

Be civilised and diplomatic, students told

THE dean Faculty of Law, Prof. David Bakibinga, has called upon Makerere University students to take civilised and diplomatic steps in addressing their problems. “Students should embrace a culture of non-violence in resolving their disputes through mediation, reconciliation and arbitration before resorting to strikes.” The dean was addressing heads of department and deans from various faculties during the launching of the proposal for a peace education syllabus in the faculties of law, arts and social sciences at the university recently.

Law School Dismisses 14, Warns 55

Makerere University Faculty of Law has recommended the discontinuation of 14 law students for poor academic records.


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