Donation of Thesis to Makerere University Academic Library

As a now retired African researcher, political scientist, lawyer, university lecturer, international civil servant, and judge, I wish to donate a master-copy of my 1975 higher degree to the University's academic library as per the attached statement.

Library Recourses



Doctor of Laws (LL.D)


Entry Requirements

Holders of a Master of Laws from a recorgnised Universitty are eligible to apply for the Doctor of Laws (LL.D) Programme, which is purely research programme based on submission of a thesis on an approval topic.

The rules and regulatios governing this programme can be obtained fron the Principal's office as well as the Directorate of Research and Graduate Training (DRGT) on the 4th Floor of Senate House


Purpose of Doctoral Training


About our library


There is a “Law cage” section in the Main Library which is exclusively used by Law students.  It has over 10,000 reference books and law reports. The Main Library also has electronic legal resources, which staff and students may consult

Book bank



There is a book bank operated within the School which enables to borrow the basic reference books each semester.  The book bank has about 5,000 reference books.


It has a collection of different reading materials recommended for law students. It has Old Newspapers, dissertations, working papers and journals. Library users are allowed to borrow for a period of time and return.



About our Libray


Library Resources

Historical and Special Collection

Teaching and Learing

Curriculum review


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