A case for cost in public interest ligitigation matters

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In Uganda, Public Interest Litigation (PIL) his increasingly becoming a popular tool of social change and human rights protection with instructive experiences drawn from the United States of America, India, South Africa and Kenya. The proponents of PIL in Uganda have traversed diverse issues including electoral democracy, environment, health, land issues, education and now disability rights. A critical analysis of Public Interest Litigation judgments coming out of Uganda’s Courts of Judicature, on the issue of costs after the matter is typical of “this being a public interest action we order that each party bears its costs.”1 The attempts to make a case for costs in public interest litigation matter in Uganda has been met with the same approach and ‘principle’. In this Case and Issues Series, make a humble attempt to make a case for costs in PIL cases on a case by case basis. We provided some clarity to this area of the law borrowing from best practices elsewhere