Be civilised and diplomatic, students told

Tuesday, 19 November 2002 - 3:00am

THE dean Faculty of Law, Prof. David Bakibinga, has called upon Makerere University students to take civilised and diplomatic steps in addressing their problems. “Students should embrace a culture of non-violence in resolving their disputes through mediation, reconciliation and arbitration before resorting to strikes.” The dean was addressing heads of department and deans from various faculties during the launching of the proposal for a peace education syllabus in the faculties of law, arts and social sciences at the university recently. The programme launched by Always Be Tolerant Organisation (ABETO) is a preventive approach aimed at initiating tolerance as a key factor in solving conflicts throughout the whole world. Bakibinga said the programme comes at a time when the university is faced with a high degree of indiscipline. “The launch is significant and appropriate because the university in the recent past has been faced with strikes over the implementation of the semester system and thuggery on the games fields.” The implementation of the Peace Education Syllabus is to be spearheaded by the faculties of arts, law, social sciences, business school and the institutes of psychology and economics.