Bachelor of Laws (LL.B)


YEAR I: SEMESTER ONE (all courses are core)

Course CodeTitleLHTHPHCHCU
LAW 1106Introducing Law*4530Nil604
LAW 1107Development Studies4530Nil604
LAW 1108Fundamentals of Criminal Law4530Nil604
LAW 1109Law of Contracts I*4530Nil604
LAW 1110Principles of Constitutional Law I*4530Nil604


YEAR I: SEMESTER TWO [All Courses are core]


Course CodeTitleLHTHPHCHCU
LAW 1206Legal Methods4530Nil604
LAW 1207Administrative Law I4530Nil604
LAW 1208Criminal Liability4530Nil604
LAW 1209Law of Contracts II4530Nil604
LAW 1210Principles of Constitutional Law II4530Nil604


YEAR II: SEMESTER ONE [All Courses are core]


Course CodeTitleLHTHPHCHCU
LAW 2106Nature and History of Torts4530Nil604
LAW 2107Administrative Law II4530Nil604
LAW 2108Equity and Trusts4530Nil604
LAW 2109Law of Evidence I4530Nil604
LAW 2110Foundations of Land Law4530Nil604


YEAR II: SEMESTER TWO [All Courses are core]

Course CodeTitleLHTHPHCHCU
LAW 2207Negligence, Strict Liability and Procedure in Torts4530Nil604
LAW 2208Social Research Methods4530Nil604
LAW 2209Family Law I4530Nil604
LAW 2210Law of Evidence II4530Nil604
LAW 2211Land Transactions4530Nil604



YEAR III: SEMESTER ONE [Three Cores, Two Electives]

Course CodeTitleLHTHPHCHCU
LAW 3108Jurisprudence I (core)*4530Nil604
LAW 3109Family Law II (core)4530Nil604
LAW 3110Law of Sale of Goods and Hire Purchase (core)4530Nil604
LAW 3111Conflict of Laws (Elective)4530Nil604
LAW 3112Principles of International Law I* (Elective)4530Nil604
LAW 3113Banking and Negotiable Instruments (Elective)4530Nil604
LAW 3114International and Regional Human Rights (Elective)4530Nil604



YEAR III: SEMESTER TWO [Three Cores, Two Electives]

Course CodeTitleLHTHPHCHCU
3209Jurisprudence II (core)4530Nil604
3210Criminal Procedure (core)4530Nil604
3211Law of Business Associations I (core)4530Nil604
3212Environmental Law and Policy (Elective)4530Nil604
3213Principles of International Law II (Elective)4530Nil604
3214Human Rights in the Domestic Perspective (Elective)4530Nil604
3215Consumer Law and Protection (Elective)4530Nil604




Course CodeTitleLHTHPHCHCU
LAW 3301Field AttachmentNILNIL300755


YEAR IV: SEMESTER ONE [One Core, Four Electives]

Course CodeTitleLHTHPHCH


LAW 4110Civil Procedure I (core)4530Nil604
LAW 4111Clinical Legal Education (Elective)4530Nil604
LAW 4112Law of Business Associations II (Core)4530Nil604
LAW 4113Revenue Law and Taxation I (Elective)4530Nil604
LAW 4114International Trade and Business (Elective)4530Nil604
LAW 4115Health and the Law I (Elective)4530Nil604
LAW 4116Intellectual Property Law I (Elective)4530Nil604
LAW 4117Labour Law I (Elective)4530Nil604
LAW 4118Insurance Law (Elective)4530Nil604


YEAR IV: SEMESTER TWO [One Core, Four Electives]

Course CodeTitleLHTHPHCH


4212Civil Procedure II (core)4530Nil604
4213Research Paper (Elective)4530Nil604
4214Estate Planning (Elective)4530Nil604
4215Revenue Law and Taxation II (Elective)4530Nil604
4216Gender and the Law (Elective)4530Nil604
4217Criminology and Penology (Elective)4530Nil604
4218Hire Purchase and Bankruptcy (Elective)4530Nil604
4219Computers and the Law (Elective)4530Nil604
4220Intellectual Property Law II (Elective)4530Nil604
4221Labour Law II (Elective)4530Nil604
4222Health and the Law II (Elective)4530Nil604

LH = Lecture Hours
TH = Tutorial Hours
P = Practicals
CH = Course Hours
CU = Course Units

* Pre-requisite Courses are marked with an asterisk. A pre-requisite is a condition (either course or classification) which has to be satisfied prior to enrolling for a similar higher level course.