Security, Peace and Development in Uganda


In an age where the international community agrees that conflict prevention is key to sustainable development, rethinking and reinvestigating processes that contribute to understanding the institutional and systemic mechanisms fostering violent societies and addressing these at their root to foster peace could not be more pertinent. As a state overcoming long periods of conflict, Uganda is an interesting case. Under the current National Development Plan, Uganda ambitiously aims to attain status as a middleincome country by 2020 through, among other things, sustainable wealth creation, inclusive growth and employment through agricultural and natural resource extraction (NDP II, 2015‒2020). At the same time, the country has seen an increase in fragility and persistently high levels of economic inequality and corruption amidst a rapidly growing population (Transparency International, 2013; NDP II, 2015‒2020).



Expected outcomes and outputs

Stakeholders and aim of project launch