The Society for Justice and National Unity Launch

The Society for Justice and National Unity (SOJNU) has been launched. The event officiated by the Vice Chancellor Makerere University, Prof.

Research Validation seminar held in the School of Law

A meeting to validate a study on Access to Justice for Women incarcerated with Children was recently held at the School of Law Boardroom. It attracted participation of the Academia, and members from the civil society as well as government agencies including the Uganda Prison services.

The Public Urged to Seek Information for Better Service Delivery

The public has been urged to be more vigilant and demand for services from the responsible units in the Judiciary given that this is one of the Public services that the population ought to benefit from. Further they were asked to seek information which is necessary to empower them in their demand for services.

Bechmarking Visit to understudy operations of University based Law Clinics

Following the accreditation of the Public Interest Law Clinic (PILAC) in the School of Law, by the Law Council to operate a legal aid clinic, a bench marking visit was organised to understudy the operations of University based Law Clinics in selected Universities in south Africa with the objective of learning from their experiences.

Maternal Health Rights, Politics and the Law; Professorial Inaugural Lecture

Professor Ben KirombaTwinomugisha from the School of Law is yet another Law Don to fulfil the University mandate of presenting an Inaugural Lecture.

April 28, 2017 marked yet another milestone in the academic achievements of the long serving Professor of Law when he delivered his lecture entitled, Maternal Health, Politics and the Law  in the Makerere University Main Hall.

Staff in the School of Law to undertake Research in Disability Law

The Disability Rights Program in the School of Law under the "Promoting Disability Rights through Legal Education" program has commissioned three studies that will result into working papers in the area of disability Law.

Makerere University Run 2017

The MAK Students Centre is aimed at enhancing the quality of student life and experience.

A Report on the 10th Inter-University Human Rights Competition (2017)


Graduation 2017

266 Graduate from the School of Law in 2017, The Makerere University’s 67th Graduation Ceremony that ran from the 21st to the 24th of February saw a total of 14,897 students awarded degrees and diplomas out of which 266 were from the School of Law including one Doctor of Laws by Joseph Murangira.

Professor Sylvia Tamale delivers inaugural lecture on Nudity, Protest and the Law in Uganda

It was an afternoon filled with airs of satisfaction on the 28th of October 2016 when Prof. Sylvia Tamale delivered aninaugural Lecture on  Nudity, Protests and the Lawin Uganda in the Main hall of Makerere University.


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