Commentaries: Social Security Interventions And Reform Efforts - Implications For The Majority Citizens Of Uganda

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Makerere Law Journal, Volume 1, Issue 1, p.130-137 (2013)


informal sector, John-Jean Barya, social protection, Social Security, Uganda


This paper gives a summary of the social security and social protection situation in Uganda, ongoing reform efforts and their implications for the majority of Ugandans who are dubbed the informal sector It deals with the concepts of social security and social protection in lieu of the International normative standards on social security. Analysis is also made of the current social security and social protection regime in Uganda with a critical look at the Public Service Pension Scheme (PSPS), National Social security Fund (NSSF), Private Social Security Schemes and the status of the informal Sector. The paper further considers the current reforms that have been proposed for the social security system, community based Social Insurance Associations/Initiatives. Most importantly, this paper takes note of the extent of coverage of these reforms for most Ugandans.